Now at the observatory, Joseph Snorquel looks for professor Wolff.
xiii. The Listening Machine

0'0" ~ Nocturne (the Twilight Estuary); 3'14" ~ Nancarrow's Cult of Silence; 5'47" Mudmen!; 9'55" The Chunderbuss Speaks

Preview ~ The listening machine

Now at the observatory, Joseph Snorquel looks for professor Wolff.  He ponders on  the nature of silence a strange story told by  Colonel Nancarrow of a Cult of Silence, but his reverie is disturbed by the sounds of the Two Gentlemen.  Incensed, he sets off to investigate and finds the place guarded by local mudmen. A sonic gun battle ensues in which Snorquel employs an infrasonic weapon called the Chunderbuss, delivering a nasty dose of the Brown Note. All soiled.

"What could drive a man to such extremes?  The pursuit of certainty?  Of proof?  What strange echoes from beyond the doors of our perception might still survive the aeons to reach the dying brain in those final moments?  And could any man hope to hear the voice of God and not be driven mad by it?"

The Voices

Joseph Snorquel ~ Tim Ingram

Col. Nancarrow, voice of the Chunderbuss  & mudmen ~ Jamie Smith

Animals in the dark ~ Molly & Charlotte Smith

Flatulent mudmen~ Molly Smith 

The Band

All instruments ~ Jamie Smith, except...

Drums kit ~ Lee Allatson

Mr McFalls Chamber:

Violin ~ Seonaid Aitken

Violin ~ Robert McFall

Viola ~ Brian Schiele

Cello ~ Su-a Lee

Cave chorus ~ Shuna Scott Sendall, Jamie Smith, the occulting orchestra and chorus of St. Mary’s and St. Vitus