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Where (and how) to listen…

'Notes from a Tremulous Hand' is available on all the usual streaming and download platforms, or you can purchase direct from us (via Bandcamp) and help save the planet from the evil music business! There you will find a Special Digital Edition box set of both the Stereo and Binaural Headphones versions, plus an exclusive eBook with all the artwork, sleeve notes and more of the stuff the download/streaming police think you can't handle. Crivens!

Tracks 1-14 on are the Stereo version ~ ideal for listening on radiogram, hi-fi, smart speaker, laptop or anything with two speakers. {Technical note: This version is uses the antique but excellent UHJ encoding method for this, so you can decode it into four channel horizontal surround if you know how/can be arsed.}

Tracks 15-28 are the Binaural Headphones version ~ arguably the more 'immersive' version, specifically for headphone listening. An armchair by the fire, bottle of brandy and some big comfy open backed headphones would be ideal for this one, but ‘earpods’ and a can of pop will work if that’s all you have. This is my own preferred way of consuming it.


And coming soon:

the Bumper Deluxe Edition ~ all of the above as high resolution files (just as I hear it in the studio) on a drive plus a printed real book you can touch/smell with all Charlotte's artwork, previously unreleased text, extra audio, my ramblings and lots more!

And because ‘Notes from a Tremulous Hand’ was recorded ambisonically (a kind of super surround sound), we also options to release other editions to suit different speaker setups, such as ​

and a 5.1 edition ~ optimized for 5.1 surround sound speaker layouts for people who like falling over cables.

Dolby atmos, auro 3D and more immersive formats may also be considered in due course. Do get in touch if there is a specific format you would like to hear it in.